08 / 06 / 2021

COVID-19 leads to increase in violence against women

The spread of Covid-19 may increase the tendency of violence against women and hinder or slow down the process of achieving gender equality and empowering women

Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating effect on public health, society and the economy and it may increase the prevalence of violence against women.

It may also hinder or slow down the process towards achieving gender equality and empowering women, in particular, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, she said at the closing ceremony of the training course

To solve the problem of violence against women in the short and medium term in the context of Covid-19 and beyond, the ministry has set out five strategies in line with the National Action Plan for the Prevention of Violence against Women 2019-2023.

The first strategy is to increase prevention efforts using digital systems.

Secondly, to ensure sustainability and strengthening of the provision of multidisciplinary services to women by establishing multi-sectoral working groups to respond to violence against women as well as to have clear roles and responsibilities to ensure that women can access and receive all services.

Thirdly, collecting and analysing data that meets gender needs to be used as a basis and clear evidence in setting up appropriate response measures.

Fourthly, to seek support to increase investment in work to end violence against women and promote gender equality and empowering women in economic empowerment.

Fifthly, to promote gender mainstreaming in policy, response measures and socio-economic rehabilitation measures after the context of Covid-19.

During Covid-19, related to any measures, people need to stay home. They cannot go outside to work or to do something. When people are together, it can cause some emotional distress.”

“Other effects of measures are that people have lost jobs, earn less income and suffered financial crisis which leads to stress and can lead people to cause violence,” she said.

“When a family has equal gender and equity, violence will be reduced or no longer exist. If we can eliminate all acts of violence and spread the information about more rights to communities, more people will understand about their rights and be aware of it, so they will no longer tolerate violence and will begin to seek counseling services,” .

The request was for support to establish multi-sectoral working groups to respond to gender-based violence.

Second, to support capacity development for the judiciary, police officers and officials of the 24 provincial ministry departments through distance learning to make these front-line officers more capable in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities more effectively.