23 / 02 / 2021

AHO website feedback survey

AHO website is undergoing review and expansion. This will take place between January - December 2021. The purpose of the review is to make the content up to date and relevant. The purpose of the website expansion is to add new features that will make the website user friendly. You are welcome to take part in the review and expansion through suggestions.

Africa Health Organisation (AHO) has the best website compared to any other international health agencies and international NGOs according to our survey results. However the content needs an update and review to ensure that it is correct, legal and up to date. As a result, we are carrying out a 12-month review and expansion to replace some content and add some new information and data.


The review will include the following:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Health Topics review and update
  • Countries review and update
  • Programmes review and update
  • Publications review and update
  • Data update update
  • Articles update


The following items will be added to the website to form a new website:

  • Adding Projects to include past, present and planned projects showing videos and photos and lessons learned
  • Adding Careers to include Jobs, Internships, Apprenticeships, Work experience, Volunteering and Kickstart programme
  • Adding Impacts and Case study section showing the impact of our work, case studies and stories, videos and photos
  • Adding Get Involved showing how to get involved with AHO in areas such as volunteering, fundraising, training, etc
  • Adding Online Courses and Training showing ASDAN courses and accredited Health courses
  • Adding COVID-19 section with the whole Coronavirus section showing news, guidance, technical reports, pictographs, maps, Rapid Risk Assessment (RRA), data

Get Involved

We are inviting you to get involved in the website review and expansion. Your views and opinions are welcome.

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