Medical Education and residencies programme

AHO launched a new line of work related to medical training oriented to Primary Health Care PHC with several components such as:

  1. Generating information on medical schools in the region, both public and private, off-shore or other categories so that there is an overview of their educational approaches and dimensions of practice;
  2. Develop a technical capacity to promote, guide and advise institutional processes of change in medical education in PHC on the basis of knowledge and best available evidence. This technical capability is developed from the formation of a learning network composed of academic institutions with interest in innovative training and experience-oriented undergraduate and includes AHO and specific schools;
  3. Designing and implementing a virtual training course for trainers using the Virtual Campus of Public Health of AHO;
  4. Develop and share concepts, strategies for change, intervention and evaluation methodologies, tools and processes useful for the transformation of medical education in PHC.;
  5. To publicize school activities and development strategies of teaching based on PHC;
  6. Create a space for virtual dialogue through a “community of practice using the tools available at AHO, especially the Virtual Campus of Public Health