Health Promotion and determinants of health programme

Functional Statements

  • Strengthens the linkage between health promotion with social determinants through technical cooperation for the development of public policies, the creation of healthy environments, the promotion of processes for community empowerment, and the promotion of the equity perspective in the health services.
  • Develops health initiatives to address the new health challenges posed by health risk factors such as unhealthy diet and physical inactivity under the framework of determinants of health and the regional strategy on non-communicable chronic diseases NCDs.
  • Promotes a comprehensive view on the prevention of violence, injuries and road safety within the public health agenda, in the context of determinants of health.
  • Develops inter-sectoral and inter-agency partnerships in the countries, and coordinates regional actions related to health for the development agenda.
  • Sets the foundations and provides guidance for the implementation of Health Policies approach as an intrinsic and critical component of universal health coverage and social protection programs for the most vulnerable groups.