Zacharias (Zach) Malik

Speechwriter to the President

My name is Zacharias (Zach) Malik. I hold a M.Sc. (with Distinction) in Management and Corporate Sustainability from Cranfield University and a B.Sc. (with Honours) in Policy Science and Sustainability from Leiden University. I currently work as an International Consultant at UNDP and UNEP, focusing on the climate finance/sustainable urban development nexus. Previously, I was a Consultant at the World Bank. As AHO’s dedicated Speechwriter, I manage the communications of the Founder and President through drafting speeches, press statements, briefings, and articles. I ensure that all messaging aligns with the organisation’s vision and is tailored for a wide variety of audiences. While London is my home-based, I have had the privilege to live in England, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, France, and South Korea