Tolu Omolade

Policy and Research

My name is Tolu Omolade, and I am glad to be joining AHO within their Policy and Research team.

To start off, a little background about me: ) – I was born in Nigeria, raised in London. I have recently graduated from the University of Leicester, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Since then, I have been in the pursuit of a postgraduate degree in Public Health (by next year hopefully!). I also currently work as an NHS Clinical Coder in a General Practice based in North London.

Over the past 5 years, I have gained experience in the public sector, mostly within research policy and strategic roles: including in the Department of Health and Social Care. believe this accumulation of experience will be advantageous in my ability to compliment the work of the AHO.

The AHO is fuelled by the need for a good provision and delivery of overall health care in Africa. Such initiatives are crucial in their ability to ensure optimal health for African citizens. Therefore, to be a part of the AHO family is a great honour and privilege for me.