Sydney Siwila

Tax Consultant

My name is Sydney Siwila and I was born in 1981 in Kabwe the capital of the Central Province of Zambia.

My early childhood was a typical middle class environment round about the 1990’s and after completing my secondary school education in 1998, I started work at a Customs Clearing firm in Chirundu as a clerk and rose through the ranks and became an officer with responsibilities of advising clients on tax rates on both imports and exports. In 2012, I moved to Lusaka in the same capacity as customs clearing officer but I realized that a lot of companies had difficulties in understanding the tax regime in Zambia therefore, I started offering tax consultancy. While I was good in the field of customs and excise, consultancy needed expertise thus I enrolled in law school in 2016 at the Zambia Open University and graduated in 2019.

Currently, am a full time tax consultant and plan to obtain a lawyer’s practicing licence later this year, 2021, in order to represent my clients adequately. In addition, I enjoy working under pressure a feet I learnt during my customs clearing years.