Rohini Anand

Gender Equality Coordinator

My name is Rohini. I have recently completed my MSc degree in International Social and Public Policy at the London School of Economics. Before this, I studied a BSc in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, also at the LSE. I frequently write blog articles and policy proposals for universities, think tanks and charities, both in the UK and abroad, on the numerous ways in which Covid-19 has affected people’s lives and suggested policy recommendations which governments and humanitarian organisations can take note of. My policy interests are broad and range from crime and criminal justice, global healthcare, education, identity and belonging and migration. I am a Co-Head of the Identities Research Programme at Agora, the UK’s open forum for foreign policy. I am particularly interested in identifying the kinds of social and economic policies that are necessary to promote mental wellbeing; alleviate poverty and improve the lives of people living in the UK today. I wanted to work as a Gender, Strategy and Policy Volunteer with the Africa Health Organisation because I believe healthcare is a basic right and should be accessible to all, irrespective of demographic factors.