Quasirat Hasnat

Research Officer

I am close to finishing my doctoral degree from Brighton Business School, University of Brighton. My doctoral journey has opened up a new world of research to me, where it is not just what or how you see and interpret the occurrences around you, you analyse them critically and tell the world a credible and original story. Conducting research on real world phenomena are painstaking, but, if you set your heart on the topics you are researching, people would listen. Research is a medium for communicating messages. Coming from a South Asian country, poverty, domestic violence, discrimination against women, chauvinism, forced or child marriage, displacement due to natural calamity are all real to me. Fortunately, in the UK, not all of these can prevail but some of these still do, inter alia domestic violence, discrimination against women and chauvinism among the South Asian community. With my newly acquired practical research skills, I would like to contribute to similar themes that matter not just to me but to the entire human race.