Muqaddam Malik

AHO UN Representative

My name is Muqaddam Malik. I am from Nairobi in Kenya. I am a graduate of Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at the University of East Anglia. The focus for my studies was political economy and the future of Africa economies. My dissertation was on ‘the Prospect of Regionalisation through Monetary Unions in Africa.’ I believe I have the ability to make a significant impact in ensuring that AHO sticks to its charter and constantly achieves, if not, exceeds its goals. Furthermore, I am very much interested in learning about healthcare management especially focusing on Africans both in Africa and abroad. I have an immense desire to see and engage with sustainable development in Africa ranging from economic development to social development and have committed my work and study to this cause. I am well versed in East African affairs as I worked with local NGOs and governments. I bring first-hand knowledge and experience to AHO so as to shape the understanding of local working of systems in African cities. I had internship with the African Union office in Nairobi working on Trade and Economic Policy. This included traveling to Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda for research purposes.  I represent AHO interest on the UN General Assembly and other UN agencies.