Maureen Songolo

Country Director Zambia, Grant Writer and Chair of the Board of Trustees

My name is Maureen Solon, born in 1972 in a small mining town located in the central part of Zambia. I am the last born in a family of four raised by a single mother.
I am a professional social worker worker who graduated at Citizen University with a degree. I love my job and work with passion. I find it very interesting working with the community and
helping uplift comparable people’s lives. I’m one person who would go an extra mile trying to reach out for the comparable.

Ive worked with different organisations as a coach trainer, facilitator and project manager. As a professional social worker, I am confindent that I have the ability to lead services, teams
and help organizations achieve their goals. Having a traceable record of working succefully with woman and girls and other valnarable family and orphans, I also have an indepth
understanding of relevant legislation, policies and procedures as required in the field of social care and health. Working with older peole is one thing that has made me grow physically,
emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Iam currently chairing the board of trustees in Zambia and represent issues that affect Woman and girls on the board. I also believe in team work for
me to achieve my dreams.

During my free time i love to bake, watch movies, spend time with my children and visit people. I also love traveling and discovering new places.