Lucy Kaye

Policy and Research

My name is Lucy Kaye and I am currently completing a BSc in Biomedical Science from the University of Edinburgh. During this four-year degree, my understanding and passion for research has been thoroughly heightened, as well as gaining a broad knowledge of the wider health and social indicators and determinants of health. I have undertaken projects researching a multitude of diseases and how certain factors, including biological, behavioural, economic and environmental issues can impact them. I am keen to continue this research and enhance my growing interest in global health for the people of Africa and the diaspora.  I have recently undertaken a course in ‘Sustainability and Social Responsibility’ and hope to use this knowledge to achieve the AHO’s vision of delivering a high-quality sustainable health service to ensure optimal health for all the people of Africa. As someone who is driven by a desire to enrich the lives of others, I find the AHO’s role in directing and coordinating international health in Africa extremely inspiring and I am very excited to be joining the AHO team.