Khadija Patel

International Development

I am a graduate student at University College London (UCL), studying Geography. My passion for Geography stems from a keen interest in international development and a relentless pursuit of global equality. Some of the many topics that interest me include health and development, NGO management and climate change. I am keen to one day join an NGO and contribute towards a better world. I began to realise the importance of healthcare when I watched an inspiring an insightful episode of Unreported World called ‘The Jungle Midwife’. This documentary followed Olga, a midwife volunteering in Central African Republic (CAR): ‘one of the most dangerous places to give birth’. In CAR, the maternal mortality rate stands at over 800 per 100,000 births but in the UK this figure stands somewhere between eight and nine (2017). This just goes to show how quality healthcare services can reduce the suffering of thousands of people around the world. Overall, healthcare is life-changing and is a massive factor of development, hence why I am for Africa Health Organisation.