Isidora Guelfand Escobar

Data Analyst

My name is Isidora Guelfand and I am an affiliate student from Chile at University College London. I am studying Industrial Engineering with a minor in programming at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. This has allowed me to develop the necessary skills to manage, process and analyze data. Also, I am studying for a Public Policy academic certificate in my home university. I am greatly interested in this area and wish to pursue a graduate degree in it. Within Public Policy, I am specially involved with public health. I am Chilean and have lived most of my life in Chile, where both of my parents are surgeons and work in the public sector. Therefore, I am familiar with the deficiencies that public health can have in a developing country. When I arrived at UCL, I enrolled in an elective course called Health, Poverty and Development which allowed me to further understand these issues and inspired me to work to improve them.