Ibrahim Kasule

Policy and Research

Since childhood, Ibrahim has been interacting with more knowledgeable, experienced and responsible people. This culture has helped him to develop a positive attitude in life, boldness and good characters including leadership and influence.

Ibrahim was born on July 26th, 1992, a Commonwealth Scholar and affiliated to CIYOTA, was born and raised in Masaka, Uganda by Bagandan parents Ibrahim & Harima in Buddu, Buganda Kingdom.

Ibrahim studied at Bugomola Moslem primary school, Masaka Secondary School and Kyambogo University in Uganda where he got a first-class degree in the Bachelor programme Food Processing Technology.

In Uganda, Ibrahim worked with Coca Cola Beverages Africa from October 2015 to September 2019 in various positions as a Quality Controller, Good manufacturing Practices Technologist and Team Leader Processing, where he contributed towards manufacturing of safe and nutritious beverages for Ugandans to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for active and healthy lives.

The reality that Uganda has a high prevalence of communicable diseases, emergence of diseases of lifestyles, inadequate provision and inequitable distribution of social services and amenities, and the general level of underdevelopment of service infrastructure prompted Ibrahim’ career change from Food Science and Technology to Public health and Health Promotion sector so that he can improve the health status of people in Uganda and the rest of Africa.

Currently Ibrahim is studying a MSc Public Health and Health Promotion at Brunel University London, under the sponsorship of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK, nominated by the HALI Access Network, CIYOTA and volunteering with the Africa Health Organisation as a Policy and Research Volunteer.

After his studies, Ibrahim will return to Uganda and work with the Ministry of Health, Research Institutes, WHO, AHO and other partners in the public health sector so as fulfill his dream of helping preventing disease, prolonging and improving quality of life and promoting health among Ugandans and the world at large.

For more information contact Ibrahim at

Email: kasubrays@gmail.com & 1901172@brunel.ac.uk

Instagram:  @kasubrays

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FaceBook:  https://www.facebook.com/Kasubrays

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