Eva Mowat

Gender Equality Policy and Strategy

My name is Eva and I have recently graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA (Hons) in International Relations. Throughout my degree, my research largely focused on the human rights of women and girls; this being a subject I am extremely passionate about. In particular, my undergraduate dissertation on female genital mutilation/cutting analysed global efforts to eradicate the practice under the auspices of the international human rights doctrine. My dissertation drew attention to the ethnocentrism and cultural ‘othering’ inherent to framing of FGM/C as a human rights issue, and how the language of the human rights doctrine can serve to further disempower individuals. I, therefore, find value in taking an intersectional approach to upholding human rights, which acknowledges the voices and different cultural perspectives of those receiving aid and support on human rights grounds. I am excited to be working with Africa Health Organisation to help achieve the goals that I believe to be paramount in enabling women and girls across Africa to fully enjoy their rights.