Dr. Philip E. Mrindoko

Board Member & Chair of Medical Service Tanzania

Dr. Philip E. Mrindoko is a Medical doctor at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical center(KCMC),Moshi, Tanzania

Dr. Philip was born in Arusha, Tanzania on 22nd April 1992. He attained his primary education level in 2005 at Imani Primary School. He then Joined Arusha Catholic Seminary where he completed his ordinary level education in 2010. He then joined Consolata seminary where he undertook advanced level education and received his certificate of completion in 2013, and from International Medical and Technological University of Tanzania he received his Bachelor of Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Surgery in 2018.

After receiving his education he interned at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center for 1 year and since then he has been working in Pediatrics and child health department, and with Elizabeth Glaser Pediatrics AIDS Foundation till 2020 where he Joined for Masters of Medicine in Pediatrics and Child Health at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College, Where he operates as a Pediatrics Resident and a medical doctor

In 2021, Philip Mrindoko joined Africa Health Organisation(AHO) as a board member up to date.