Dr Ifeyinwa Amamilo


I am a medical doctor who graduated from Ebonyi State University which is situated in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria. As a medical student, I loved Paediatrics and desired to be a Paediatrician. Consequently, three years after I pursued specialisation in that field. During my training as a Paediatrician, I discovered a new passion within the field of Paediatrics which is its public health aspect. I realised that whenever I had the opportunity to participate in health education/promotion for patients and/or health workers; for instance educating health workers/mothers about exclusive breastfeeding or home management of diarrhoeal diseases, I would be passionately excited. In addition, I desired more to be part of protocol and policy-making committees for the greater good of a community rather than to treat one child which I also love. This made me seek for a masters in Paediatrics and Child Health at the University College London which I am currently doing as well as volunteering for African Health Organization. On completion of the masters, I intend to make a career switch from hospital-based to community-based paediatric practice.