Chudi Gong


I am Chudi Gong and I come from China. I am currently a Psychology and Language Science student at University College London (UCL). I was born and raised in China and came to U.K. in 2015 to study. My background of upbringing in an eastern culture and experience of studying in a western culture have given me unique perspectives regarding social issues. Therefore, I subsequently chose to undertake psychology-related degree which allows me to study theories and methods used to explain phenomenon and address challenges arising in societies. The experience of studying psychology of politics was inspirational for me as it shows the potential of psychological approaches in policy making in the absence of monetary policies. I was especially attracted to health sector as I research further for my project, and therefore motivated to apply the knowledge gained to real world and make contribution to this sector. Studying a research-based discipline make me greatly appreciate the value of conducting researches in order to bring positive changes to communities, which motivated me to undertake the role at AHO.