Dr Brown David Khongo

Clinical Manager

Brown David Khongo is a Secondary Healthcare Clinical Manager at Partners In Health/ Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo (PIH/APZU), where he works to manage and lead a dynamic team working at the two hospitals and chronic care clinics. He also takes a number of the organizational leadership roles including the Covid-19 work within and outside the district. He graduated from University of Malawi, College of Medicine in 2016 with Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery. After that he did a six month internship in NCDs under the NCD-BRITE initiative run by College of Medicine and partner organizations. He has also completed three postgrad certificates with University of Washington Online School of Global Health namely; Leadership and Management in Health, Project Management in Global Health and Policy and Advocacy in Global Health.


Brown is a visionary young man and his visionary perspective has won him trust and made him rise very quickly in his professional career. He is passionate about health equity and social just