Alexander Pangalos

Gender Equality Policy and Strategy

My name is Alex Pangalos, and I am of Greek and British descent. I have recently completed my Politics degree at King’s College London, having now submitted my dissertation, which analysed equality of access to online information. Throughout my time at university, I have focused on human rights and civil liberties, taking a particular interest in gender equality, LGBTQ+ equality and the politics of sexuality. I am hoping to branch into the NGO sector internationally, so that I can contribute to advancing important socio-political change where it is most needed. I am a firm believer in actively and vigorously tackling inequality – in whatever form it exists – and I hope to dedicate myself to improving the quality of life for minorities and disadvantaged individuals in any way I am able to do so. I am thrilled to be joining the AHO team as a Gender Equality Policy and Strategy Volunteer, helping to produce a Strategy and Plan of Action Report. I plan to draw upon my background in studying women’s rights and international gender equality programmes to make a meaningful contribution to this report, whilst further developing my own knowledge and understanding of women’s rights in Africa.