Adam Ragozzino

Policy and Research

I’m Adam Ragozzino. Ever since finishing my MBA/MPH degrees, I’ve had a number of careers. I started in a lab at the Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health. I eventually moved to the corporate world as a market research analyst, which apparently made me so crazy I became a carpenter. For the past 15, years, I’ve been building or remodeling houses in the Boston area. Now, I find myself missing the science and service that started it all. As I transition back to doing research and analysis, I’m staying focused on international health, policy, and politics. Volunteering for the Africa Health Organization is one of the ways I’m transitioning back. Additionally, I’m a volunteer correspondent for the Organization for World Peace writing about international peace and security. I also conduct country and topic research for non-profits operating in Africa. When I’m not under quarantine, you can find me riding or skiing the northeast US—Ski the East!