Although many black people live in Belgium, very little is known of Afro Belgian communities. The reason is that Belgium is a multicultural and multilingual country from its off set in 1830. Most Africans who migrated to Belgium during the last decades came from the former Belgian colonies in Africa (Congo/Zaire, Rwanda or Burundi). For linguistic reasons most of them decided to settle in the French speaking parts of Belgium


In Belgium, AHO will do the following programmes:

  1. Set up offices in major cities with large number of Africans
  2. Work with Belgium government to provide health and social care to Africans
  3. Work in partnership with others to deliver projects in Belgium
  4. Look for partnership in Belgium to deliver projects in Africa
  5. To recruit skilled health workforce in Belgium
  6. To set up health exchange programmes between Belgium and Africa
  7. Create fundraising programmes to raise funds in Belgium for projects in Africa

If you are interested in participating in any of these programmes, please contact us on